Seeking Artists + Engine Status Update

Flash Version Still Playable

First, an important reminder that even though you can’t play the game in most browsers due to Flash’s death, you can still play the game outside of browsers.  Either download the standalone Flash Player Projector or install the APK on Android.  Instructions are on the download page.

Call for Artists

As we get closer to getting actual new content again, I’d like to prepare by meeting more artists interested in contributing chapter cover art.  If you enjoy drawing furry art, and want to do some for this game, please click here.

Non-Flash Port Progress

Work on porting the engine off of Flash is going well, with much of the recent work focused on getting the game to be playable with only a web browser (no install needed).  There is still more work to do here, but the basics are functional now.  It’s been a bit slow going as, among other challenges, I’ve had to learn a whole suite of new technologies.  However, I’ve been making progress and hope to have an early beta to backers before too long.  Again, thank you to everyone for your patience and support!

If you’d like to see some occasional work-in-progress screenshots, I typically post them to #research-lab on Discord.  (Although they’re probably not super exciting to look at yet :P)

Also — in case you were wondering about the previous DLC/mod vote, I do still have plans to get to it.  But once Flash stopped working in browsers, that bumped up the priority a lot for getting the port done as fast as I can manage it.  New TF content will be the thing I work on next, right after the new engine.

Today’s research blog art is by the very talented AnthroMage; I am definitely imagining this as a transformation sequence 😉

2 thoughts on “Seeking Artists + Engine Status Update

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing new content eventually. More art would be nice too.
    I’m not sure where else to ask this, so I’ll ask it here. There is a mod with a creature and a transformation called a
    Crotch-Hugger, but there’s no description on what it is. It links to an artist on furaffinity, but I can’t tell which picture it’s based on.
    I would rather not install any kind of mod if I don’t know what it does, so could someone please tell me what the Crotch-Hugger mod is about?

    • Crotch-Hugger: In case you didn’t see, Navy found a link for you on Discord and posted to #modding 🙂

      Content: Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting back into writing content, too. I may start sneaking in some new content before fully porting over all the old features since it’s been so long.

      Art: On the art side, it’ll probably be pretty sporadic. I don’t have a go-to artist anymore for this stuff, and in general, affordable+available+reliable+fast+quality nsfw furry art is a truly rare find, even searching outside our small community. So, I haven’t totally given up looking, but expect it’ll probably be a lot of no-art updates (or possibly skye programmer art doodles :P).

      That said, I do have one underworld sequence that I was quite lucky to get and will post once I get the game content done for it (its actually the best underworld art we’ve ever had, so look forward to it!).

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