Find me at Midwest FurFest 2019 and I’ll have some cool badges to give away!  (I’ll be at the various TF meetups, or ping me on Discord)

If I have extras, I’m also considering mailing some out.  Mailing gets a lot more complex than giveaways due to shipping and since more people might request them, the cost of producing them can become quite a bit (they’re full PVC badges printed by a real employee ID badge company). If there’s a lot of demand, it may just end up being a thing for 1yr+ subscribers or something like that — but if only a handful of people are interested then that makes it easy to just ship out a handful of extras.

One day, I’d love to be able to do customized badges, too.  Maybe some fancy system where you upload your profile photo and it ships you a badge like this:

But the logistics and costs on that become an order of magnitude harder, so that’s just an idea for now.

Anyway, here‘s a form to register your interest in receiving a free logo-only badge — but no guarantees on them yet 🙂

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