Female Breeding Wyvern TF

r33 adds a new transformation brave researchers can undergo:

After wearing a collar in the debug rooms labeled “Female Breeder Wyvern #562,” the researcher will find themselves shifting.

Their toes will become claws, while their skin develops a mixture of scales, feathers, and fur. A thick tail will grow, swishing around invitingly and drawing attention to their newly plump butts from any nearby potential mates. If they weren’t already female, they’ll become so with two rows of massive breasts and a vagina large enough to mate with a male wyvern.

It’s still possible for the researcher to escape, but their new breeding instincts will be difficult to fight. If they succumb to their base desires, the remaining transformations will forever mark them as a wyverness. Arms will become wings, hands into rigid wingtips. They’ll stand on digitigrade legs as they settle into the proper quadrupedal stance of a horny beast.

Despite the new breeder instincts driving the hapless researcher into a lustful frenzy, they’ll find themselves unable to gain any self-pleasure with those useless wings. Their body is designed to breed, forcing them to seek out the company of a male who will fill them up. An extremely fertile womb will only need a few drops of their mate’s cum to begin producing a clutch of eggs. Belly rapidly expanding, they’ll soon discover wyverns have a long incubation time as they’re left lumbering about with an impossibly large brood. Eventually, even movement will become difficult as they struggle to carry a clutch so big their past exploits as a breeder are obvious to everyone. Midway through the pregnancy, they’ll find their breasts become milky… although with no hands to milk themselves they’ll need to rely on a milking machine to do it for them.

Meanwhile, they’ll find communication becoming more difficult as their nose becomes ridged and they develop a snout — try as they might to vocalize their needs, the only thing that comes out are squawks. Even Arya cannot understand them to help remove their transformative collar, leading them to be permanently stuck as a needy breeder.

Fortunately, their body is able to express their desires non-verbally: their slit begins to emit the alluring smell of a lust-crazed breeder, ensuring the shy researcher will get exactly the kind of attention she secretly craves. Taken again and again, she’ll love spending the rest of her life as an incubator for her mate, laying clutch after clutch of eggs like the good breeder slut she has become.

This transformation has a bit of everything thrown into it: eggs, quadruped, vocal restrictions, permanency, movement restrictions, milk, two-phase transformations, non-dexterous hands, slow incubation, etc.

One new concept I am experimenting with on the Wyvern TF is an ‘instinct’ system.  The instinct narration will actively tease the player, encouraging them to engage in breeding.  I think it came out pretty sexy (especially the later teases), but it does have a very different tone than the usual narration text.  After you’ve tried it, post your thoughts in the comments or discord.

Some notes on playing the Wyverness:

  • The collar is in the debug rooms.
  • Try out the octomaid (also in the debug rooms) for getting knocked up — her tease system is compatible with wyverns, and will even recognize when you lose speech ability.
  • Don’t forget you can get a milker from the trade outpost (its systems have been updated to recognize non-cows in this update).

General system changes:

  • Unhideable arms now prevent wearing shirts.

Thanks to Pyru for doing some proofreading on an earlier iteration of the Wyvern TF.  Any errors are my own.

Eventually, I would like to write a Male Wyvern Mate to go along with this TF, along with a little story and game area.  It doesn’t fit in with the story chapters, so maybe it’ll end up being the first DLC/side chapter later on.  But getting Chapter 7 done will probably come before that.

Have fun being a wyvern, and enjoy what is now the fourth egg pregnancy system in the game. 😉

8 thoughts on “Female Breeding Wyvern TF

  1. Not sure if intentional, but the wyverness collar doesn’t appear in the debug room if you’re going from version 32 to 33, but it’s there on a new game. Oh well, get to go experience some transform-y goodness again.

  2. It works now on my save 3 file, where I hadn’t been in the debug room yet, but it was still absent on my save 5 file where I had been in the debug room already.

    • Thanks; looks like this actually is broken for all non-specialized masturbation whenever you’re female without pants. Will be fixed in next build!

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