Wyvern Fixes

r33.02 has been released with fixes on Wyvern code:

  • Save / load fixes for collar not spawning on old save files.
  • Made it even more difficult to get wyvern collar off after you’ve bred the first time.
  • Save / load fix for never progressing to second phase of wyvern TF after breeding.  Note – if you have a late stage wyvern TF from save files from r33 and/or r33.01, you will probably need to breed again in order to activate the second phase TFs.

7 thoughts on “Wyvern Fixes

  1. Don’t know if you put any thought into the wyvern story you previously mentioned and i don’t know if you’d take a suggestion but it would be super neat if you incorporated the wyverns as a side quest.

    For example what I was thinking would be neat (though this would incorporate a new game feature) if this quest was triggered by visiting the underworld church and talking to Arya about a cursed item while your acceptance is lower then 100… previously this would have her turn you away but this could be made into a side quest where she offers to remove the item but you have to then go through her “Acceptance Training”…

    once you start the side quest you could either be teleported somewhere (like passing out then being moved) or jut a new passage way could open from the church… i don’t have all the details cause i’m not great with story but her “training” would involve the wyvern collar and make you go through all the changes (including pregnancy and egg laying, hopefully multiple pregnancies) before somehow allowing the wyvern color to get uncursed allowing its removal and return to the main quests. however after the acceptance training you would then always have 100% acceptance (which would make getting curses removed easy yes but my goal here would be more to make it so you never get the negative reaction texts that you get while you have low acceptance instead your character would always enjoy the changes they undergo… This permanent acceptance could be explained by saying some of the wyvern collar’s effects that it had on your mind (making you enjoy being a breeder slut) are irreversible.

    Only other thought i had was this side quest for getting the collar off (after breeding having breed several times) would be to be transformed by something else making you temporarily not a Wyvern (since the collar would start changing you back right away) then you would be able to talk to Arya and if you have breed enough times she would be accepting of you and uncurse the wyvern collar so you can remove it… of course if you put it back on it would start changing you again and if you got 1/2 changed all the changes before the breeding triggers more) then breed it would lock again like it does now and then you could repeat the acceptance training for fun but still get it removed by Arya in the same manner (after breeding a bunch again of course)

    again this is just an idea i had, you can use it if you like it.

  2. Also noticed a bug, maybe this changes according to your body at the start of the wyvern transformation. That said to get to where I see this bug I start the game with the large cock option as select the high acceptance option for the encounter with my Ex so by the time i get the pendant removed i’m fully changed to a fox. after getting the pendant removed I would get the debug box to go get the wyvern collar (do all this for immersion to have the names i select) but once the wyvern collar is on it starts changing me and there is a point right as my cock shrinks away and my crotch is smooth that it gives this text:

    “A sweet, alluring smell catches your attention. Your sniff around, trying to see where it’s coming from. Your triangle tipped nose probes about, and you suddenly realize its coming from your !”

    the text continues more after that but point is since my crotch is smooth at that point and i hadn’t yet formed a vagina I think maybe its displaying that text early since I believe it was supposed say “coming from your vagina!” at the end of that instead of there being nothing after “your”

  3. Another thing i would consider a bug. not sure if this only happens with the Octomaid (since I’m not sure but i think she is the only thing you can mate with right now) if you are already pregnant and you get defeated by her and then she fucks you without actually laying eggs your belly will shrink to a 30lbs belly.

    easy to reproduce this bug while you have an 80lbs belly since you stay that size a while and that to early to lay the eggs

    • Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been thinking about having a 100% acceptance aspect, but I’d need to be careful with it since it would make several areas of the game impossible to complete. Currently, I’m thinking Wyvern makes sense a standalone/DLC type chapter because of how it is essentially a soft bad-end. But having it tied into Arya could be a lot of fun too.

      Also thanks for the bug report! Right now the game doesn’t handle non-sexed characters very well, but I’ve made a note for future bug fixing.

      The pregnancy reset is intentional — dying rolls back a lot of your stats so you have a little more time before hitting a situation that leaves you vulnerable again.

  4. Hello,
    I just played a little bit with the wyvern collar, and I stumbled into a couple of bugs, so here there are :

    Started new game with a skip to chapter 6, went directly from VCIV to ex’s house for debug box, picked it up then used it, picked up wyvern collar, locked itself on me, used debug tp to Haven, beat up reapeatedly foxgirls to gain 100 acceptance, waited a bit for phase 1 TFs to finish, got collar uncursed by Arya as soon as ready to be bred was displayed, used debug again, went to octomaid, got my ass served to me on a platter with a cum filling, woke up in nixies shack, leaved, took off the collar.

    At this point, the wyvern pregnancy started, with the instincts telling me how much I needed it, but no second stage TFs occured (normal), but I then got an instinct message telling me how I could not get off with these useless wingtips of mine (and I had masturbated succesfully two turns before)…
    I guess the instincts generator does not check for the body the player has…

    After laying my eggs, I put the collar back on (the recursing is a nice touch by the way) and finished all the second stage TFs normally.

    On a side note, is it normal for the first stage TFs not to include the feet? I had human ones in the description…

    Thank you for this excellent game anyway,

    • Thanks, glad you liked it!

      I think what happened is you took off the collar after the insemination but before the pregnancy? It takes a small random number of turns to fertilize. With no collar, it wasn’t able to TF you further.

      The instinct system does assume you’re continuing to TF — that might change in future if the instinct system gets expanded (I’m thinking of expanding it to support all species if the player opts into it)

      Yes, feet is a second phase TF (it’s tied into the quadruped shift)

      Milker always does that anytime, it doesn’t recognize any species (yet), it just calls you a cow regardless since you’re making milk — could be fun to have it make TF specific items though (“Wyvern Milk”).

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