r28 – Piercings and Aspects

Today’s private build update brings support for two new systems:

Piercings – A new piercing system allows you to get piercings that affect your character.

For this initial revision, they work similarly to clothing items, except you can wear more than one in a given slot. Ear piercings are unlimited, whereas nipple piercings are one per nipple (losing a row of nipples causes the accompanying piercings to drop to the ground). Nipple piercings can also cause you to become more aroused as they rub against fabric as you move (fairly small if you’ve just got one piercing, but if you’re a six breasted catgirl with a nipple ring on each one… watch out ;)).

Piercings can be found in the debug room currently, but may eventually be in a shop or dropped by certain NPCs (or maybe forced on you by certain NPCs?). Uncursed piercings can be removed by yourself, and Arya can help you to decurse piercings.

The new piercings for this update are:

  • Silver Nipple Ring – A simple piercing which doesn’t have any additional effects, aside from slightly increasing lust when it rubs against fabrics during movement (common across all nipple piercings)
  • Breast Size Only Increase – A purple metallic barbell nipple piercing, with pointy cones on either end to keep it resolutely in place on the wearer… whether they want it or not.  This piercing prevents any breast size decrease items from working as long as it is worn.  Cursed.
  • Lusty – A circular red metallic earring that keeps the player always horny.  Cursed.
  • Nonviolent – Yellow earring which prevents the player from making physical attacks against any opponent.  If you want to defeat your foes, you’ll just have to use your body to do it.  Cursed.
  • Obedient – White earring which prevents the player from making any attacks against any opponent.  You won’t be able to defeat your foes with this on, but it’s better to submit to them anyway… right?  (Essentially a soft bad end item, be careful wearing this one!)  Cursed.

Additional piercing types and locations may be available in future.  I have some ideas, but if there are any you particularly want to see, comment them!

Aspects – This is more an under-the-hood type system, but essentially allows the player to be affected by certain conditions. These could be applied temporarily by objects, or could persist indefinitely. The nice thing about this system is it allows the effects of the piercings to be separated from the piercing themselves, so in future a system could be written so you can customize what the piercings look like (or get a mystery piercing with unknown effects) and assign the effect you want to it. This also paves the way for a future tattoo system, which would function like piercings that you can never remove.

Patronage Status – Looks like most everyone who pledged on Patreon for the charge cycle on April 1 should now be set up with build access (in fact, it looked like it went through for ~90% of people on the second of the month). If you don’t have access yet, feel free to give me an e-mail at the address on the bottom of the intranet page or send me a Patreon PM.

7 thoughts on “r28 – Piercings and Aspects

  1. I think something broke in the r28 swf with Hanako. I wanted to try out the piercings, so I grabbed the Obedience™ and the Lust™ ones on a new game, using the chapter skip to shoot straight to Ch6, but Hanako gets lost in the desert and keeps forcing me to hang out near the entrance, and I can’t brute force my way through the desert because eventually I go to lay eggs but the only options are INVENTORY and WAIT. Tried again, same result, tried without piercings, same result. I would try without the chapter skip but I am a lazy bum. Hopefully there’s some useful information in there :T

    • Hmm, I just tried chapter skip (albeit without the piercings) and I wasn’t able to get into a state where all options but wait/inventory were locked.

      However, I heard a very similar report from another user for r27 on discord and it ended up fixing itself when they upgraded their flash. Can you try with the most recent flash version? Also if you can let me know what your flash version was before and after the update that’ll be helpful if it ends up fixing it.

      • It’s up to date. It might be that I used to play in my browser, but now I’m playing in the standalone (Mac) Flash Player. Lemme see if I can find a browser where it still works

        AND the optionless thing was less weird as Hanako’s GPS being so goofy. I think that was really the important weird thing.

      • Ah, nope, that’s it. Hanako doesn’t get lost in Safari, appropriately enough, but she AGGRESSIVELY decides to stay lost in Flash Player.

        • Hah, that’s both weird and incredibly ironic/appropriate. I tried on the latest windows standalone flash player 29 from adobe and it worked okay, so I’m not sure if there’s a bug that specifically affects standalone flash player for OSX? Strange!

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