April Patreon Processing Has Begun

Starting this month, Patreon processing works a bit differently than usual.  Historically, I’ve had to wait until everyone’s pledges finish, then import the data from Patreon.  Now this process happens automatically every thirty minutes!  This will speed things up for some users (about 25% of people have been processed so far), but if you’re one of the unlucky ones at the end of Patreon’s processing queue, it may still take up to a week.  (Note even if Patreon’s website indicates a charge to you, it can still take a couple days for their website to update the data they display to me.)

If you’re planning to unpledge on Patreon, I recommend waiting a few days for the reconciliation process to complete before you unpledge.  This is because once you unpledge, the Patreon API no longer sends any data about your purchases.

Per usual, I’ll post a message once it looks like everyone has been processed successfully, so until then sit tight (and/or hammer the refresh button on the researcher intranet ;))

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