r27 – Choose Initial Acceptance

r27 is now released to private backers on the researcher intranet with the winning feature from the poll.  You now have three options during character creation to decide your initial acceptance rate.  Each option has its own story to go with it, along with an explanation of the acceptance system.  One of the options even lets you TF Becky some more 😉

5 thoughts on “r27 – Choose Initial Acceptance

  1. I wasn’t expecting the initial acceptance to change the scene before the curse. It seems a bit too forced honestly and changes up even needing/wanting to change back in the first chapter. It just seems odd. Honestly, it made much more sense for the acceptance to have changed from after you get cursed with the pendant with the way it was. I’m rather surprised this route wasn’t taken as it would’ve worked much better with the story.

    I think that, if the initial acceptance was chosen as the cursed pendant started to do its thing. For example, a tail starts to grow and you choose if you liked the idea of having one, same with fur as that started. That way, by the time the changes are complete, your acceptance towards it was based on your reactions to the first change, leading to many different outcomes such as despising it, curious, liking it, and/or sad that you have to change back as you wish you could stay that way.

    • That’s also a good idea, but I think there’s a challenge with it. I typically view acceptance as affecting the player’s whole view on everything TF related (both being TFed themselves and interacting with people who have been TFed), however, there’s a fair point about since acceptance is used most frequently in when the player is TF’ed, it may make more sense to have it in this scene be based on the player’s reaction to being TF’ed. However, then the player would have to not notice the fur at all, because fictionally everyone knows at this point how the virus is transmitted, so the player would have a similar reaction to the potential of being TF’ed (ie, having sex with Becky) as to being TF’ed themselves.

      Anyway, I also don’t want to change up the wanting/needing to change back too much for chapter 1, so if one of the scenes doesn’t make sense from a player motivation perspective, please let me know

  2. Well, honestly, all of them seem a bit too strong. Especially the max acceptance choice. The tone of it is all wrong and weird, especially after the scene is over with. It clashes as an intro. The others don’t really fit either. It made more sense for it to be the surprise that it was to get the necklace on you as it originally was.

    Yes, it makes sense given the world they’re in, but you changed one scene based on it with the choice you chose, then a complete tonal clash in the very next scene after these choices. Like, if I chose that I loved it, why would I want to change back after the fact? That’s one player motivation aspect right there. Being reluctant about it means the original scene should be trying to take place but you’re fighting it, leaving the middle option for the original scene really. Other than that, I don’t think the way its currently implemented works, like at all from a player motivation standpoint as altering your acceptance stat shouldn’t completely alter the scene as you are clearly never transformed before so you don’t have a complete opinion yet on it, or even a story perspective as your character wants to be rid of it no matter his acceptance levels with vague moments of ‘nah… I want this’ sprinkled in each chapter.

    I mean, I know you put work into this and all, but I think the way it was implemented was a big screw up for the sake of writing dirty scenes with no regard to actually making sense, no offense. I get the idea, but it just doesn’t work here.

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