r29 – Permanent Tattoos

Permanent Tattoos cause various effects, much like Piercings do.  However, unlike Piercings, they can never be removed.  Here are the four tattoos now available (you’ll note they mostly mirror the existing Piercings)

  • ‘Please Grope’ tattoo – On each of your breasts, ‘Please Grope’ is written in a thin arc of faintly iridescent text. You sense the tattoo will ensure you have a nick rack for others to grope by preventing it from ever decreasing in size.
  • ‘Obedient Pet’ tattoo – ‘Obedient Pet’ is written in a faintly iridescent font, surrounded by a number of symbols and glyphs in a band around your upper arm. You can sense the tattoo influencing you to be a good pet and serve the needs of your betters.
  • ‘Horny Slut’ tramp stamp – ‘Horny Slut’ is written in a faintly iridescent font on your lower back, ensuring you’ll always be horny and ready to serve.
  • ‘Free Public Use’ tattoo – ‘Free Public Use’ is written along your belly in a faintly iridescent font. You can sense the tattoo is preventing you from repelling the advances of others, in fact, you find yourself desiring them.

As these cause permanent (sometimes game-breaking) changes, it is recommended to save your game before trying these!

Tattoo & Piercing Shops now provide an in-game location to buy tattoos & piercings (outside of the debug rooms).  They’re located in the back of the bar, and most of them require you to have finished at least chapter 3 before their items will unlock.

Inventory UI has been redone based on some feedback in the discord chat channel.  It’s now divided into categories based on type of items.  This should help reduce clutter now that there’s tattoos and piercings in the inventory mix.

Additionally, piercings no longer count against your carried inventory limit.

Next up, there may be a new enemy added which applies piercings to you.  Comment below what kind of enemy would you like to see (ie: species suggestions).

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  1. Decided to try tattoo’s out, but found couldn’t progress chapter 6’s start due to needing to have a flat chest for the disguise to work.

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