r8 – Cowgirl TF

  • Cow TF: Use either the Milk bottles or wear the Cowbell to get TF’ed into a cowgirl (both available in the debug rooms).  At high levels of cow TF, you will grow an udder.  Cowgirls will produce milk from their breasts (and udder if they have one) and occasionally need to be milked.  A very small udder can be concealed underneath clothes, but it will expand as it fills with milk, causing any worn pants to burst open (playing a cowgirl in public areas will be challenging ;)).
  • Lactation:  Control lactation in the debug rooms.  Using the Bovine Growth Formula will allow you to lactate even more than is possible through cow TF alone, but you may find the amount of milk produced overwhelming as you become a slave to your body’s new needs.
  • Acceptance stat is now increased through sex with the denizens of the Underworld instead of via transformations (your character can dislike their new body, or grow to love it).
  • Debug rooms now have a better selection of items to fine-tune your character, including height grow/shrink, cock grow/shrink, breasts grow/shrink, and new items for vagina grow/shrink

Get it now via Private Builds.

8 thoughts on “r8 – Cowgirl TF

  1. I’d like to support this game by getting private builds but 15$ is too much for a purely text based game with very little content…
    you should lower it 😐

    • I have to agree, 15$ is too much for what you are offering. Especially since you have not shown previous works and we have no guarantee you won’t just abandon the project at some point.

  2. Creator of it is also really slow on getting out content, this has a super high chance of just being dropped, don’t waste your money on it.

  3. @anons –
    First, let’s set aside the fact that there’s already more content in the publicly available r5 build then there are for most kickstarter project pitches (how many kickstarters include an hour of free content with their pitch? Not a whole lot.)

    I would discourage you from purchasing any game, including my own, based on future promises. I’ve been very careful to not make many public promises about future content, because promises are cheap and I would rather earn trust by actually implementing content.

    So if you don’t find the current content valuable, I would actually encourage you to not purchase the game, at least not yet. Have patience, wait until the content you want is implemented, and only then purchase.

    I want every customer to be happy with their purchase from the moment they make it.

  4. Well I will be keeping an eye on the site, I am interested, but want to see some more before I will buy anything. The public build does show promise though.

  5. Are we gonna be able to play r6 and r7 for free now that r8 is out?

    • Some of it, yes. The weight TF system should make it into the public build, but the cowgirl content will not.

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