r7 – Panda TF

You can now transform into a Panda form.  Either eat lots of bamboo or wear the (cursed) panda necklace — both are now available in the debug rooms.  Being larger creatures, pandas may find it difficult to shed their new found weight 😉

Get it now via Private Builds.

5 thoughts on “r7 – Panda TF

  1. can you make it so if you lose to the dragon boss you do teliport back to your bed but you have a masive increase of eggs that you will produce and if this happens to much you will not ever be able to move please do that for this, for the eggs insted of like 5 or 10 each time you move it gets to 50 max and your copasity goes trught the roof that would be the dragon queen definition right there also the sevence need to F you please do that

  2. Not sure how else to report this but I’m not able to log in after my initial visit with my private build purchase. I try to “renew password” but it says that my email is invalid but I have a receipt and order confirmation in my inbox and I was able to access it immediately after the purchase.

    • Thank you for your business. Our IT Department has fixed your account — please see your e-mail inbox for more details.

  3. I’ve bought the private build and played it and I have to say, the Panda TF is pretty darn good! Awesome job, keep it up, I love this project!

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