r46.9 (WIP) – Dragon Temple / Progress Info

Revisiting the Dragon Temple won the recent procedural vote!

I’ve made a lot of progress on this, and the procedural extension to the Dragon Temple is now mostly playable in the new WIP preview build r46.9.  It includes two new long, sexy scenes with a new dom character and other smaller assorted changes — I’ll reveal more in the official announcement once the full release is ready.

Accessing it:  *WIP* backers (not yet in Private build) can load either the r46.9 WIP build or the WIP autobuild and revisit the Dragon Temple after Chapter 4 is beat to get re-transformed and try it out.  Feel free to just chapter skip to the dino chapter then walk immediately to Dragon Temple and lose a fight.  After being recaptured, you have a 90% chance of getting turned into a dragon queen, but you might end up as a regular anthro dragon instead.

(The wip autobuild is automatically built and thus has the absolute latest changes, but might be even more unstable than the wip build is; if you’re playing autobuild, you can check the #builds channel on discord for check-in changelogs)

As usual caveat for any WIP build, it’s not fully release ready yet (after all, then it’d just be a regular private release).  There’s still some polishing/editing/tuning/additional rewriting/bug fixing and a small new feature I want to add before it’s officially done and released.  But this should be fun for people closely watching the progress on dragon queen content.  Official release to come soon…

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