r46 – APK & Quick Gender Change

r46 is released!  This build includes two features:

Quick Gender Change

You can now instantly swap genders by visiting Doc Nalf and requesting it.  This can be useful for easily resetting back to male if you’d like to experience another MtF transformation but don’t want to deal with locating / buying all the components for that.  Beyond male, you can also quick switch to female, shemale (one dick, zero vagina), and herm (one dick, one vagina):

APK (Android App) Version

In the last poll, APK was requested by a significant percentage of users, so I’ve spent some time to figure that out and have now released an APK version.  Under the hood, it’s still a web browser game, but it’s been enhanced to integrate nicely into Android OS.

If you’re on Android, APK is the best version of the game to play because:

  • You get an icon in the app list to easily launch the game

  • You can get notifications for new build updates via Android notifications

You can customize them via Android’s notification menu — set which ones you’d like to see, or even have them only displayed when your phone is unlocked.

There’s even a secret notifications channel hidden in the game options:

Which will get you high quality notifications like:

  • Name entry works in fullscreen mode (it auto-toggles android seamless mode to work with the system keyboard correctly)

APK version is available to all players now (including demo players) and is located here.

Other Misc UI Changes

  • When limited vertical screen space (usually mobile landscape non-fullscreen) and on name entry pages, only show first row of buttons to allow for more screen real estate (was previously getting cut off on certain narrow devices).
  • Fix for sometimes last field in login/register not being visible during text entry on mobile chrome.

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