A (Fan) Fan Art Contest

Our resident community member Sly is hosting an Underworld Fan Art contest!

Prize pool

Sly put together the following prizes for the contest. The winner will get their first pick, then the second person, then so on:

– A one month subscription to Underworld (Provided by Sly)
– A one month Discord Nitro Classic sub (Provided by Sly)
– A $25 Steam gift card (Provided by Skye)


All entries must relate to The Underworld in some way. Anything from simple mspaint doodles of characters to fancily lit full game scenes is great, as long as it has original artwork you made and is about the game.

All skill levels are welcome to enter (beginners welcome!).  This is intended to be a fun community activity, so don’t worry if you’re not a pro. 🙂

Ideally, if you can add a footer as described in the footer section of the earlier released fan art guide (basically linking to Underworld as well as your own site) it can be helpful for the game, but it’s not required!


All art must be submitted via this form by Feb 21, 2022 Noon US Pacific Time.

You are, of course, welcome to also post your art to FA/Twitter/wherever also.


After the submission deadline, all valid entries will be posted on the research blog. There will be a two week deadline for people to vote using the usual Underworld voting system.  Then prizes will be awarded from first place on down.


No purchase needed for entry.  Contest is open to all persons aged 18 and over.

Entries will be submitted under the User Generated Content License (same license as mods, this just allows me to reshare the art on the blog — you can still post your piece to wherever else you like, too!).

Questions / Discussion

Feel free to ask questions in discord, or if you don’t use discord, the blog post comments here is also a good place.

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