Survey: Methods of Chat & Update Notifications

The Hydra DLC is coming along slowly but surely — I ended up going a bit overboard with the logic on her, but I’m pretty excited about what it’s shaping up to be!  It will likely be one of the most technically complex transformations in the entire game.

In the meanwhile, please check out this survey on community discussion methods and preferred notification methods.

6 thoughts on “Survey: Methods of Chat & Update Notifications

  1. (A response to this question you put in.) “I worry about my Discord friends finding me on a Furry TF game server / I would feel more comfortable joining the real-time chat if it was on a standalone non-Discord platform that used only my SkyCorp account instead of requiring a Discord account”

    Why not create another account and put yourself to a high position then you could move your account you don’t want your friends to see out of the server? (just make a announcement that this new account is you, but then delete it after about a week (the message not the account. ) Yes you would need 2 emails and you would need to log in and out of discord each time you want to talk to a different party (but you could just quick save the user and pass(i think pass) and be able to log in when you want)
    PS.(also google accounts are easy to make.)
    PSS.(I did the servery but don’t know if you got what i said so i said it here as well, I hope you don’t mind.)

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