Steam Version Poll & Next Update Status

Steam Version Poll: I am currently considering adding Steam as a third location to subscribe to The Underworld (joining BMT and Patreon).  This actually involves a number of considerations, so I’d like to get the community’s feedback on it before proceeding.

Regardless of if you are a Steam gamer or not, please see this quick poll to let me know your thoughts.

Next Update:  The next update is coming along well — it’s taking longer than usual because the next update is Chapter 7:  Aquatic Aquarium!

As for release date, chapters always take a long time to make due to all the interconnected game logic and associated writing.  I try to avoid giving specific release dates because I’m terribly bad at estimating them.  Unofficially, I’m hoping to have it out within the next month.

The release cadence will be phased as follows for this release:

  1. WIP Build – game logic only, no writing.  Not recommended to be played by anyone, but will release to curious WIP backers.  As per previous WIP builds, you won’t be missing anything by not playing this — it’s a lot of “insert text here” type interactions that won’t make much sense without the writing.
  2. Private Build (Active Subscribers) – once writing is in and chapter is ready for play, it will be released to all active subscribers.  This is the real release of chapter 7, however, with any big update there will probably be some random small bugs (especially with save/load, as there’s always a couple weird save/load issues after a chapter release)
  3. Private Build (Legacy Purchasers) – for legacy backers without an active subscription, chapter 7 will be available two weeks later.  It will contain all the same chapter 7 content as the active subscriber build.
  4. As per usual for chapter content that occurs after chapter 3, this chapter content will not be released to the demo build.

This should be a fun chapter.  I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but I have some fun things planned for this one~

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