Wyvern Male & LUA Powered Monsters

New Monster: Wyvern Male

The Wyvern Male is now available on the mod portal to active backers. This green wyvern is eager for a mate, and it’s rumored he has a spare collar in his nest that can transform any wayward research subject that meet his rigorous standards into his new female breeding wyverness (which is anyone who seems interested in his massive, dual cocks).

He’s a loving, but firm mate. The wyvern will use his breeder regularly, making sure she’s always full of eggs. Since the new wyverness won’t be able to play with herself due to having wings instead of hands, she’ll soon come to treasure these sessions. In every case observed, even the most shy of research subjects are soon lustily begging their new mates to be filled up once their strong wyverness breeder desires kick in.

The male wyvern will protect his mate, too, ensuring she doesn’t wander out of the nest — it can be dangerous out there when you’re weighed down by so many eggs you can barely move. When her four large breasts are full of milk, the male helps out by milking her. He does quite enjoy seeing how lusty his mate gets after a good milking.

If defeated by an unmated wyverness, the male will tuck tail and fly off. However, once mated, the wyverness typically finds herself naturally submissive toward her mate, becoming quite docile.

As with the Wyvern TF instinct system, there’s lots of teasing you through the fourth wall (get ready to be treated like a proper horny wyverness breeder, you slut <3). Actually, there’s a lot of content in here in general as the male wyvern will take different actions depending on his state and your state. All told, he’s got about 7k words of content — almost as much text as all of Chapter 2.

Modding: LUA Powered Monsters

r35 is also released today to support the Male Wyvern mod. The primary feature is the new MonsterAdvanced mod type. This type combines the existing Monster Mods system with the power of LUA based scripting, so you can have monsters do all sorts of things.

For a straightforward example of this, see the MonsterAdvanced sample.

Modding: Object to Object Communication

Another very powerful new feature for modders is the ability for entities to call custom functions on other entities. See the Radio sample for an example of a radio remote control object communicating to a radio object. To expose a function to other entities, simply add the LUA function name to the “customPublicFunctions” JSON array. This can be very useful for creating more complex behavior.

Under the hood, this involved connecting separate LUA virtual machines. Because of this, I recommend to only pass and return primitives — however, more complex types like Entity references and full tables do seem to work fine so far. See the updated LUA Implementation Notes for details on limitations.

Modding: Additional Functionality

  • New Text Variables exposed: [[MUSK]].
  • The player class has exposed a few pregnancy related functions, such as incBellyPreg(), setBellyPreg(), and resetPregnancySilent().
  • MainScreen has a method for inserting continue scenes via continueSceneToMapScene().
  • Room related functions now pass room information.
  • Calling LUA functions with parameters from AS3 now passes parameters correctly.

Chapter 7 Planning

Work is still ongoing for building out the remainder of the second half of Chapter 7.  All the gameplay for it, including the various transformations, endings and puzzles have now been planned out and ready to begin implementation.

25 thoughts on “Wyvern Male & LUA Powered Monsters

  1. Da….jeeze. This is seriously why I loathe Patreon. I’ll ask nicely though… could you please at least consider allowing legacy accounts to at least access new mods for manual copypaste?

    This male wyvern is JUST something I really hoped to play around with, but I literally do not have the money to spend being constantly subscribed.

    Besides, mod access was something promised for the initial legacy buyers as well, was it not?

    • Nouvi and I had a good conversation on Discord about this, but to answer the two main questions in case anyone else has them:

      1) I consider Wyvern Male to be more like DLC-type content as opposed to base game chapter content, so I won’t be releasing it for the legacy copy/paste wiki method.

      2) Modding is still available to legacy users, and in fact, all the mod technical features above are accessible to legacy backers if they want to make or use mods using them. It’s up to mod creators where they choose to post their content, though.

      As to the larger complaints about subscriptions: I’m sympathetic, but unfortunately it’s the only way the game can survive. I shared this video with Nouvi because I think it does a good job of explaining both sides of subscriptions, and may help those struggling to understand why all these niche NSFW games are subscription based.

      • You’re the only person modding nowadays. It’s just another way to give new content exclusively to Patrons. That’s fine and all, for the reasons you posted, but keep in mind this isn’t DLC at this point. This was an entire update with not a single new feature to people who aren’t Patrons. Yeah, we “could mod” and then not be able to access our own mods on the portal, except nobody’s doing that and it’s where all your focus has been for a long time, now. Your video made a big deal about not looking untrustworthy and you’re treading water in that comment. 6:56 of that video is another good point. Back when buying this meant something, it was $15. It’s $120/year, now? The last Patreon specific update was November, and even that was just your “DLC, not the game”, remember? Nobody’s mad that you moved to subscription. It’s incredibly frustrating that you’re finding these new and creative ways to take back the game from people who paid full price when they thought it was a single payment. Even though it’s still a compromise, would you consider a year where the $10 benefits were moved to $1? I’m sure you’ll still keep your new content away from the people who bought into the agreement you no longer like, but the people who’d pledge more anyway added to the people who aren’t happy to pay $50-$100 between chapters suddenly joining in—try it for a year.

        • Honestly, after spending 15$ when there was only 2 chapters over 2 years ago I thought it would be for full access to the game as it was developed. I am disappointed that legacy accounts are not able to access unique content, especially since I have been a supporter for a long time. Now in order to see unique content I have to subscribe to the 10$ on top of the 15$ I already have given to the game development? It is just frustrating that now in order to access things in the game I thought I was purchasing for 15$ have now been put behind a subscriber paywall.

          • Sorry for the confusion. For what it’s worth, in the past two years you’ve gotten a full novel’s worth of content, and have two more chapters still coming. That’s a pretty good deal IMO, but I can understand the disappointment in not getting updates forever. Unfortunately, I just can’t afford to keep making content forever at that price point, though.

          • It’s okay, I’m sorry, too. I’m not very good at explaining this stuff and whenever I try, it doesn’t come across well and I end up just making it worse. >_<

          • Well you bring up some fair points and arguments. Sometimes when situations change it sucks having to deal with it. Will the male wyrven always be locked behind patreon or will it get released to the public eventually?

          • Thank you; yes, male wyvern is essentially subscriber-only DLC type content that will not be released publicly later on.

          • No, you explained it well. The reality is you’re trying to trying to offload this as mods that other people are doing, when it looks like 100% of your development time has gone into them, instead. Obviously THAT isn’t true, but there was no divide until you went this far out of your way to find a way to make new content that original purchasers can’t access in a way that you can feel comfortable with. I know you think our money isn’t worth anything because you already have it—in fact, this entire thing is incredibly frustrating. You genuinely don’t see anything wrong with making a loophole this gigantic to lord your Patreon over people who thought they were just buying a video game. Can I get a refund? It’s not bonus builds any more. I’m missing out on first party work.

          • You’re right — I have no problem with admitting I priced the game incorrectly and in an unsustainable way when it first launched. Where you’re wrong is assuming malice on my part instead of simple naivety. I absolutely HAVE been steadily pushing the subscriptions more because that is the path to sustainable ongoing development. While I’m appreciative of your $15 two years ago, there’s just no way it can continue to support a project’s development indefinitely. I’m still going to deliver all the chapter content as promised to legacy users, but I NEVER promised legacy users that I’d continue updating it for free with new features or DLC content forever.

            That said, the last thing I want is for you (or anyone else) to be unhappy with your purchase. I’m not sure if the system will let me issue refunds that far back, but please give me an e-mail and I’ll try! I will need your BMT Order ID, and please confirm you still have access to the credit card you paid with. (Also as a heads up, I’ll be out for the weekend shortly, but will be able to look into it next week)

  2. While I’d be fine with paying for what you call DLC content, I’d rather prefer a flat, one time payment for that specific DLC than paying 10 bucks every month just to be allowed to use mods.

  3. The big problem for me with this update is similar to other peoples here. You buy the game and support the developer and that is fine, heck more times then not those things end up with the development coming to an halt and the game ending as a unfinished project but like many other people here, my big problem is the subscription for new content, dont get me wrong, i wouldnt mind paying a $ or two a month for a while to test out stuff you consider DLC but 10$ a month is still a pretty high price for that, especially when you keep in mind that once you stop paying, you also stop getting your DLC. The big problem is that there simply isnt enough content to even warrent a subscription so high. And while yes, i understand that a game in developement needs funding to keep the developer Programming and in your case also writing, you cant forget that in the end, we already gave you plenty of funding for something that could have just died after chapter 2, so now to demand a 2/3 payment of the game monthly for new content just feels like being ripped off even through there are still 2 more chapters coming.

    I simply would have preferred a cheaper subscription or to simply buy “DLC” content instead of renting it.

  4. Honestly with the rate of updates to content and the literal paywall policy you’ve been pushing after you already sold so many $15 versions to people, as well as the monthly prices you ask for those same people to pay to now access what they were already expecting to be able to, it just seems like backing this is never going to be a good value. So far Changeling Tale has been a far better investment for me. Cheaper, they work faster, AND they have wonderful art included.

    I would seriously like to advise you to reconsider your market value, because you seem to think this is worth more than your customers do.

  5. For 10 bucks per month people can get a subscription to a video service, a giant MMO or get tons of indie games.

    All of these things are a thousand times more polished than what you’re offering now at the same price point. And just being niche doesn’t completely offset that.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love what you’re making, I’ve played the demo to death. The setting is good, there’s more gameplay than most TF games out there, the writing is great and I don’t even mind the lack of art. But looking at the technical state of the game and the price point I just don’t want to support it. You’re building it on a dying language that’s gonna get harder and harder to run, all while having the most unusable interface I’ve ever seen in a game at this price.

    If this wasn’t a subscription, not build on a sinking ship and had a halfway functional user interface I’d play the shit out of this game. If the modding API was decent I’d mod the shit out of it too, but looking at the current modding interface makes my inner programmer cry.

  6. Would it ever be possible that, once the game is fully completed in the future, that the full mod library be opened?
    I know that right now its a benefit to encourage subscriptions, but would they really just be dropped forever once the game is completed?

  7. I think I mighit found a bug.
    in ch6, I finally got humanify syringe and tablet. but I cant give it to hanako in human form or go to vciv and solve it.
    can you tell me the way or to fix it?

  8. I’m a legacy user here, thought i’d weight in a bit

    I fully understand that legacy users were essentially getting a free ride into what once was the patreon’s full-access tier of content. This is similar to how beta-backer’s for Fenoxo’s TiTs game essentially get permanent access to backer builds.

    For a smaller developer that doesn’t have a large of an audience, the legacy users are essentially a perfect target audience (They paid for the game before, they obviously love you work) and it makes sense to ask some more from them after so long a time so that you can help support your passion.

    Yet personally, as a college student that struggles with income, I find it hard to justify putting $10/mo for full access.

    The last two major content additions were the Male and Female Wyvern, the latter of which came out about 4.5 months ago. While you did develop improved modding tools for the game, it seems that this content is now only accessible to active subscribers– personally I think this is a bid mistake, since only about 80 people can even see this content created, and I expect very little of those subscribers to be developing content Since the modding tools have been released, only 3 people have made any kind of content.

    Free modding and the ability to explore those mods can help to create interest for free users. Take a look at games that are very popular for modding, skyrim, minecraft, etc, all the mods are free, and significant amount of PC gamers delve into these eagerly and develop content without expecting payment (Maybe now with patreon, but before it was mainly just ad revenue / completely free)

    So for the price of about $45, I would have seen the creation of the developer-created mods (male/fem wyvern) and a small handful of user-created mods– of which usually take a few minutes to explore in depth from what I remember.

    $45 is nearly the price of a AAA title; and while I know the market here is a bit niche and you’re using that to help justify the high cost, also consider that word of mouth and talk is also worth a fair bit in it’s own weight.

    F2P Users cannot see much of the recently created content, thus you’ll have few F2P users coming back, (Unless they really liked you game and subscribed. I think even a time-staggered model (~1mo staggered release of new content?) would be better then just strictly warding off sections of the game,

    The more F2P user that you can attract and give them reason to come back regularly will help to keep interest relatively high, and perhaps spread a bit of word of mouth around. This in turns generates new interest from other potential players, and in turn generates more subscribers.

    While I think $10 is a bit too much for the rate of generated content, I think you should also offer something for F2P players on a regular basis as well.

    Myself, for example, is primarily interested in the main chapters, and back with your old payment system, I was happy to spend a bit extra when it used to just be debug features.

    I know personally if the tier was couple dollar for full access, I could definitely help to offer continued support.

    But as a customer, I could spend $45 towards a new game that I could put at least a couple dozen hours into, far outweighs my lust for an hour of kinky content.

    I’m appreciate those that are able to afford that tier, because I do love your content; I just wish I could experience more of your work on a more regular basis than having to wait several months between F2P patches. ^^

    • Another potential option for legacy account is to treat these DLC additions as a traditional DLC expense with a static cost or upgrade of some sort. ^^

  9. at the very least can you add the JSON code to the old wiki so people can at least use the old method for this new monster mod? all the other ones can still work that way. you could at least be courteous to those who lack the funds to pay for a subscription even if they wanted to. If you could at least accommodate the older users with access to the new JSON codes you might get a liiiiittle less angry feedback. I have been into Skycorps since before the DInoian Desert and am still a supporter and would definitely pay for a subscription if I had the funds to do so, however you are just making more of the game inaccessible to the legacy users. I want to try the Wyvern Male mod by using the copy/paste method but it blocks usage of it because I am not a subscriber……..and if the wyvern male is not accessible, why are the older mods still accessible? If the wyvern, male wasn’t going to be able to be put in from the door you should have at least specified that all the new mods require a subscription…..

  10. As others have stated above I agree with them. There is just no conceivable way that I can justify $10 a month for this game. I don’t know what sort of mental gymnastics I would have to perform to be able to do so despite trying my best to think from your perspective. Also as a legacy account, I would like to ask you Skycorp if this was not your own project would you be able to justify $10 a month on this game?

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