r32 Released – Chapter 7 Intro & Faction Points

Chapter 7 Intro

The newly released r32 build adds the intro section of Chapter 7 (the section that occurs before you get to the aquarium).

You finally make contact with the shadowy Baosheng Group and discover Krista is becoming a cowgirl.  Will you return her to human, send her to the farm, or keep her for yourself?  These three different endings will greatly affect the future of VCiV.

This section clocks in at around 6,684 words, which means that just the intro for chapter 7 is already slightly more words than all of chapter 3.  There’s not much puzzle solving or enemy fighting in this intro though, so it should be a quick play.  Try all the endings!

Faction Points

Faction Point System

Faction Points are now properly tracked and saved.  There is a UI scene (currently in settings, but will eventually be moved somewhere more appropriate) where you can check on your current faction points and allies.

This system helps keep track of the various decisions you’ve made throughout the game and how you’ve aligned yourself with the three factions.

Note that since faction points were not previously tracked, old save files will not have any faction points displayed.

Misc Additions & Fixes

  • Support for player pronoun text variables.
  • Fixed bug where entities that should be invisible were showing up in the item popup list.
  • Several proactive fixes to save/load, including fixed bug with Krista intro replaying when it shouldn’t, Thornton status being lost and potential situation where you could be locked out of the VCiV door.

4 thoughts on “r32 Released – Chapter 7 Intro & Faction Points

  1. I’m experiencing a couple of bugs that are preventing progression, the first is that the bouncer at the strip club isn’t permitting me to leave even while wearing the full thornton gear, I presume it’s because my visibility was 40/100 rather than a flat 0.

    The second one is that the purple nipple ring, if acquired before the farm quest, can break the dinoian chapter as the removal of possessions when you get captured in the cowgirl farm chapter does not remove the effect of the purple nipple ring, making it so that you can neither uncurse it, nor pick it up to reattach for uncursing, it’ll just lie there on the ground, mocking you and preventing you from appearing fully male.

    • Thank you, regarding the bouncer, do you have a save file that exhibits this? If you can let me know the account name and save slot I can take a look.

      Piercings & tattoos are almost guaranteed to be progression blockers in of themselves, but this is still quite odd so I’ll make a note for future investigation.

  2. When chatting with Mr. Huzhou that he calls you human even if your fully changed, but covered (30/100 exposure). Does it change the dialog if a few clothing items off revealing the changed nature?

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