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Chapter 7 is coming along well.  I ended up rewriting a lot of the minor details for the chapter 7~9 outlines, which is pretty typical for every time I’m in the early phases of a new chapter.  I think it comes out a little better each time, becoming a progressively more cohesive story that flows better chapter-to-chapter.  No changes to overall chapter topics though!

The first release of Chapter 7 will cover the events that happen before you get into the aquarium — you may recall some unusual/milky behavior from Krista, which the first part of Chapter 7 goes into details on (and lets you decide her fate!). You will also make a contact at Baosheng, who is the one to give you the aquarium mission.

Also in the next build will be proper tracking for the Faction Points system as well as a place to check your current alliances.

I’ll be closing out the discord chat vote in a few days after the Patreon pledges have gone through so new patrons have a chance to weigh in.

The usual notes about the patron cycle follow — if you’re a new patron, please take note:

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