r25.01 Dinoian Fixes

The previous build accidentally broke the Dinoian chapter.  This is now fixed in r25.01, along with a few other fixes for that chapter, including:

  • Fixed a save/load issue where saving after Hanako begins teasing you but before the chapter’s transformation resulted in never getting transformed.
  • Fixed a few minor text bugs referring to your ‘missing’, or otherwise referring to what you look like before the TF instead of after.
  • And fixed the crash that prevented playing the chapter at all in r25.

4 thoughts on “r25.01 Dinoian Fixes

  1. Is there any update on content that isn’t user generated or modded? I feel like even side areas that are smaller ‘chapters’ but not the length of one would even be nice. That user modded pig made me imagine a weird scenario of being trapped in an abandoned apartment building or something with the creature or a similar pig, who… If they defeat you, which they probably will, will fatten you so you can’t fit through the door to leave. Maybe so you could be their big sow or something. The idea of trying to lose weight and not be gluttonous also while avoiding the pervy big pig as they chase you through the mazelike place in search of a doorway you could fit through to escape. It’s a bit too specific, but man it would be fun in this game system.

    I don’t know, that would be my mini chapter idea, but yeah… Small hidden versions of chapters to spice things up would be cool. Heck, fat is sorely not represented yet so.. Ah well…

    • Not as of yet, but some smaller side stories is a pretty good idea. Especially given how long chapters take to write, maybe something smaller would be fun in the interim. That’s basically the idea behind doing DLCs after the main game is complete, doing little standalone content. I was planning to wait until after finishing the main story, but people have been wanting them earlier, so it’s been something I’ve been thinking about. Plus with the mod system, people can make their own, too. But I’m looking forward to getting back to content myself, probably after map mods is done.

      Anyway, that sounds like a fun idea and with next update for map mods, would be possible to do. Maybe it could expand on the existing Pig TF mod? You should pitch it to Luxious and maybe collaborate on it with them!

      • Maybe it could extend into the possible game over idea too somehow with the fact that the pig was a bit hedonistic. How sometimes you couldn’t move like with the frog, here would be due to laziness. Eventually, you’d get so lazy that you accept being a sow.

        I’d love to share the idea, but I’m not totally active so I’m not sure where to chat and such.

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