Nov 1 Patron Access

Patreon was super fast this month with the charge cycle.  If you backed on Patreon for the billing cycle on Nov 1st, that’s now been processed and you should have access to your builds in the employee intranet.  Thanks for your support!

There are a couple users who had their cards declined — if you manage to work that out with Patreon and get a successful charge, give me an e-mail, discord PM or Patreon note.

3 thoughts on “Nov 1 Patron Access

  1. I noticed by the end of the main character/your character still refers to those transformed as monsters. Shouldn’t he after being subjected to it so much be more sympathetic to those Changed? And is it possible to return to the caravan’s campsite to interact with the NPCs after you leave?

    • I think that’s the VCiV ending where the main character says that? The other two endings, I think I wrote them to be more sympathetic (or at least should have if I didn’t ^_^)

      After you leave, it’s not possible to find the caravan again, although depending on your actions, you might be able to find Mark at the corrals.

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