October Backer Poll

It usually takes a day or two for Patreon to process all the transactions, so while we wait, here is a backer poll for the next community requested game feature.  Patreon backers should vote here.

  • Rework intro so you can choose your reaction (affects initial acceptance rate).
  • Shop where you can sell loot.
  • Succubus class or status or item: Gain HP via sex, but not via health items or rest.
  • Click on minimap for larger map.
  • Catgirl voice for chapter 5.
  • TF Mods (player created transformations).
  • Add a bunch more clothing items.
  • Ability to carry but not wear a clothing item.
  • Easier to use inventory screen.

2 thoughts on “October Backer Poll

  1. Might be a ltitle ambitious, but one idea is to include a system that leads into a sort of bad-end for each chapter, IE succumb too often in the sewers while TFd as one of its denizens, submit too much at the farm, or maybe let too many dinoians egg up the player in CH6 😛

    Like maybe for CH6, Hanako decides to sell the player off to a breeder, while keeping his code 😛

  2. I know this might be a bit much and stepping over a line but a dating option~

    like through chapters 1,2, and 3 you have an option to date Nixie which would change her fate slightly so you can date her through the game, or Hanako as an option~

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