r22 Public + Private Build Release

Public (Demo) and Private (Full Game) flavors of r22 are now available.

Updates for public players since r20:

Frog TF

Now the frogs in the swamp chapter can now transform you into one, too.

4000+ words of chapter 2 content including different scenes when the Naga Queen defeats you based on what form you’re in. The minions are a bit smarter too, and won’t try to transform you if you’re already a frog or slug (unless you’re not 100% in that form, in which case they’ll try to re-transform you if you’re of the matching species). Frogs and slugs also now leave a slime trail wherever they go, which can re-transform you if you use it (it’ll eventually evaporate). If you track slime into Nixie’s shack during the swamp quest, she’ll comment on you making a mess of her place.

Frog form is another in the all-fours category, since frogs can’t stand upright. As frogs naturally gain weight over time to get that nice frog belly, that can eventually cause their movement to be difficult. At larger belly (and optionally breast) sizes, it will drag on the ground beneath them and sometimes get stuck in the slime as they travel. If you go farther and intentionally max out belly/breast sizes… good luck moving at all.

UI Updates

The new layout is DPI-aware, and is much better for mobile devices and high-DPI PC screens. The extra width on the buttons is easier for fingers, and gives a bit more readable button text space on PC too. Also, when you start the game, the character stats are no longer shown until you’re in gameplay. The map and self description panels size themselves intelligently, and at low res, the self description panel becomes a separate button.

Wait Button

A button now let’s you wait for the next turn, instead of having to move back and forth repeatedly to pass the time.

For private build players, here’s the changes since r21.03:

Save/Load Fixes

Due to a particularly nasty save/load bug affecting a bunch of chapter six entities, save files from r20.5~r21.03 aren’t compatible with r22+.  (This bug is now fixed in r22, but it breaks save file compatibility for those entities in past versions.)

This is also why some people were seeing weird save/load behavior between different versions on 21.x

Please load an older save file or create a new one near where you left off via the chapter skip menu.  I apologize for the inconvenience!

Entity Selector

Finally a way to look at more than three entities in a room! If there’s more entities in a room to look at then free button slots available, a dropdown button will be displayed. The new dropdown menu supports touch scrolling as well as hotkeys (1-5, Q-T, and ESC).

Dragon Queen Tuning

Dragon queen pregnancy is now more closely tied to having the body of a dragon queen. Now even if you lose the collar, your body will still continue to produce eggs. Conversely, if your body becomes almost entirely non-draconic, you’ll no longer produce eggs.


  • New post-TF Mark spawning code.  Should more reliably spawn Mark after he’s TF’ed.
  • Added Patreon link to splash page.
  • Added legal page with necessary lib attributions.
  • More clearly indicating ‘public build’ -> ‘public demo’ versus ‘private build’ -> ‘full game’ in various places.  Not a policy change, and doesn’t indicate any change to content release plans, it just more clearly indicates what the builds are.
  • Fixed various texts.
  • Slightly different way of receiving hotkeys, may make hotkeys more reliable.

Known issues

  • If you’re milky and start chapter 6, bad things will happen.

Please report bugs!  Almost all of the the bug fixes above are from player bug reports.  Thanks for all the reports so far.

I plan to share the public build out to e6, FA, TFGS, etc tomorrow if there aren’t any major bugs found, so any testing you can do is very helpful.

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