Bug Fixes – r21.03 Private Build Released

Thanks for all the bug reports in comments and Discord!

Private build r21.03 includes these fixes since r21.01:

  • Added Thornton Clothes Pile to prevent getting stuck in strip club.
  • Save/load dinoian pregnancy state.
  • Adjusted Doc Nalf text.
  • Fixed bug where beating chapter 3 crashed the game.
  • Added reduce cream to hospital shop, and as an item occasionally dropped by foxgirls.

Backers may download it at the researcher intranet.

2 thoughts on “Bug Fixes – r21.03 Private Build Released

  1. this game is great~ the tfs are amazing, the story is great, and the game is just over all fun~ I just played the demo and as soon as I get the chance I will be paying for the private versions

    though I do feel bad for Nixie, I liked her and wouldn’t mind ending up as her dragon queen~ or atleast being able to date her or something, and maybe keep the collar~

    anyways great game~ I hope you keep up the work

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