Private WIP Build 20.1 Preview

Pulling together the first WIP build to be available to the researchers currently pledging at the WIP or higher tier on Patreon (all of this will be coming to the Chapter 6 Private Build eventually).  It will include:

Dinoian TF:  The Dinoians are a race of scaly, sentient beasts of burden, engineered to carry people and supplies across The Underworld’s vast desert biome.  You can find the TF items in the debug room if you want to try the saurian life.  Putting any one of them on will allow it to self-replicate over your body, destroying any other clothing in the way.  The Dinoian bindings are primarily simple black leather straps and a saddle which don’t leave anything to the imagination — expect to be fully exposed in public.  Due to it replicating faster than you can uncurse it, there’s currently no way to get them all off once you put one on — trapping you forever.

No eggs… yet!  But expect female dinoians in future to have a chance of laying eggs multiple times if a mating session is fruitful.

UI Scaling:  The monthly feature vote was tied, so I chose ‘Improved text scaling for android devices’, which somehow feature creeped into ‘redo the UI.’  The new layout is DPI-aware, and is much better for mobile devices and high-DPI PC screens.  The extra width on the buttons is easier for fingers, and gives a bit more readable button text space on PC too.  Also, when you start the game, the character stats are no longer shown until you’re in gameplay.  The map and self description panels size themselves intelligently, and at low res, the self description panel becomes a separate button.

Android Phone UI

PC UI (web resolution)

Tablet UI

There is one bug where on starting the game the map is half rendered until the next screen refresh (it fixes itself as soon as you move).  Will fix this before the final Chapter 6 release.

Multiple Map + Large Map Support:  In north Haven is a passageway into the desert.  It’s entirely empty at this point, but the new desert area demonstrates map switching and how large maps can get now.


The release plan is to have the build be available to WIP backers within the first seven days or so of June.  Once $20+ backers are successfully charged on June 1, I’ll update permissions for them and upload the WIP build to the intranet.

Not expecting much progress next weekend as I’ll be hanging out at Furlandia (swing by if you’re in Portland!).

10 thoughts on “Private WIP Build 20.1 Preview

  1. It looks nice (There needs to be some sort of immoblization because of eggs plz T..T )
    and some sort of way of somthing bad happening like there is an egg stuck in your vagina that is proventing the eggs from exiting you(so you start to strech painfully with eggs :D)

    • I’m not sure if it will be part of chapter 6, but somewhere I want to add egg immobilization + support for enemies to move from room to room and take advantage of your predicament 😉

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