r15 Public Build – Bugfixes & Milker

Public Build

Here’s the new content for public build players:

Tiger TF

Tiger TF is a more furry version of the Cat TF, but without the effects of going into heat.  Tigers have three rows of nipples / breasts.  Find tigernip in the grocery store and the tiger pendant in Jimmy’s shop in the SkyCorp office.

Elephant TF

Change incrementally via peanuts (frog girls sometimes drop them + also available via shops), or wear the cursed elephant collar (shop).

Like pandas, elephants also tend to gain weight if they’re wearing the collar.

Horse TF

Use either the horsepills (hospital shop) or the cursed horseshoes (Jimmy’s shop at SkyCorp) to become more equine.

Male horses will grow a massive horse dick.  As with all the more extreme TFs, you may find it more trouble than its worth.  When sheathed, it’s sufficiently large enough that it will trigger automatic lust increase.  And if you become highly lustful, it will extend out of its sheath to double its length and increase its girth.  This size increase will destroy any pants you’re wearing, so hiding in urban areas will be tough.

When extended, your horse dick will be long enough to enjoy autofellatio during masturbation.

Warning:  due to the extreme nature of this TF, you may find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to reach the Doc and become human again.  Wearer beware.

Additional note:  The horseshoe is the first non-neck TF item, which means it can be worn at the same time as other TF items.  However, sometimes two cursed TF items ‘fight’ over specific areas of the body to claim, so you may want to stick with just one.

Turkey TF

New turkeys will find their arms transformed into wings and their belly gaining weight fast.  Wear the wishbone pendant from Jimmy’s shop in the SkyCorp office.


  • You can now add & subtract up to four rows of breasts via NuevoBreast and LessBreast items (sometimes dropped by fox girls).
  • When multiple rows of breasts are present, they will cause a penalty to exposure if uncovered.  Penalty is proportional to size x number of rows.
  • Note – since slug girls have extra rows of breasts, if you TF to something different after being a sluggirl, you will continue to have extra rows of breasts (but only on your torso).
  • Doc Nalf will reset breast rows to 1.


If you get yourself into a situation where you have hoof hands and are producing milk, you’ll need a way to milk yourself to prevent infinite milky death.  Now you can get a portable milking machine at the new Trading Outpost in Northwest Haven.  The milker will either bottle your milk, or convert it into items to help you produce even more milk.  If you have not produced enough milk, it will have no effect.  Using it in combat will cause a loss.

Bugs Fixed:

Thank you for the bug reports.  These ones are now fixed:

  • Fixed cock ring + dragon queen collar causing player to get stuck unable to lay eggs.
  • Fixed bug where after completing the farm chapter, if you go back in it won’t let you back out because you don’t have the intelligence report.
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck unable to lay eggs as a combination slug girl / dragon queen.

19 thoughts on “r15 Public Build – Bugfixes & Milker

  1. THERE NEEDS TO BE ANOTHER Cursed Cock and Bra that have more affect, increaching the size that is max on her to a size that if not removed soon, you would be almost imoble because of your size, A balls statue would be good also, also a milk bucket statue could be god to, or for more lactation you get branded and it can only be removed if you go to that lady again to remove curses and stuff PLEASE ADD THIS!!!!!

  2. I was thinking since the transformations seem to lack individuality beyond flavor text for transformations and a couple measurement changes, that we could add specific battle text for each form! I’ve written some text as a test and will wait your approval.

    Elephant- The Foxgirl swipes at you but fails to puncture your thick flabby exterior.
    The Foxgirl yanks your elongated nose playfully, but it injures you causing you to cry out!

    She sweeps her feet down at your legs and trips you!

    While on the ground your gigantic mounds of flesh rub together arousing you. You stand up much more stimulated than before.

    She sweeps her feet down at your legs but but they merely cause your thick flesh to jiggle a bit.

    Dragon Queen- She runs up to attack you, but becomes enamored with your precious cargo and stops midway in a daze.

    She walks up to you as if to hug you but once she grabs hold of you she starts to rub her self over your taut rotund stomach the stimuli becomes too much causing you to moan in ecstacy!

    She playfully slaps your hooters but with everything being as tight as it is it only causes pain to you!

    She walks up to hug you, but you catch the gleam in here and the moment she lays a hand on you you twist your large belly causing it to smack her off of you!

    Horse- Running up to attack you she suddenly catches a whiff of your powerful pheromones and falls to the ground, utterly stunned.

    She sees your incredibly large shaft and proceeds to wrap her whole body around and and twist around making you go crazy with lust!

    She reaches her paws out to your shaft and pulls it down hard causing great pain!

  3. When you notice all the little errors after posting your comment. Anyways if this is something that draws your interest I am willing to write more of it if it helps contribute to the game

    • This is a great idea! I might steal some of these 😉 I should probably set up a wiki or forum already so there’s somewhere to post a proper list of body part variables.

  4. I have the issue that after defeating Nixie and heading south again, I’m confronted by the lady in the trenchcoat who gives me the passcode to the maintainance door, but when offered the serum to become human, my charactere declined, and now I can’t enter the maintainance door because “I don’t know the passcode”. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    • If you’re playing the private build, you should have received a “VCiV Calling Card” after she speaks with you. If your inventory was full, it may have dropped to the ground in the Back Alley (north of North Haven)

    • Nevermind I sussed it out. For some reason the game didn’t take the collar and I didn’t get the congratulations screen the first time. A refresh fixed the problem.

  5. I was wondering. For the next build, could you make the navigation buttons a bit bigger? I use a touch screen and they’re a bit too small on the tablet so it tends to register the wrong one pressed at times.

  6. Do you have any plans to include a female version? I appreciate from a “i’m a raging trans woman” point of view the ability to grow a vagina and multiple rows of breasts but it’d be fun if my PoV character wasn’t constantly going ‘no no i’m totes a dude it’s not like i love getting my pussy fingered’. :p

    • I’d like to have a more flexible system in future where the player has a certain identity, but once they reach 100% acceptance, that identity switches to whatever their new form is.

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