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r27 – Choose Initial Acceptance

r27 is now released to private backers on the researcher intranet with the winning feature from the poll.  You now have three options during character creation to decide your initial acceptance rate.  Each option has its own story to go with it, along with an explanation of the acceptance system.  One of the options even lets you TF Becky some more 😉

r26 Released – Map Mods / Spider Dungeon

r26 is now released to private backers via the researcher intranet.  Its main feature is Map Mods, allowing you to create your own maps to explore in the game.

Two maps are provided to demonstrate this:

  • Sample Simple Map is a basic map demonstrating placing rooms, entities, and linking everything together.
  • Spider Dungeon is a more advanced map focusing on the custom Male Spider enemy:
    • Can you steal the treasure from the spider nest and escape?  Or will the spiders get the best of you and transform you into their mate, forever filling you with brood after brood of spider eggs…

Mod mapping also supports lua script, allowing scripters to define custom player respawn logic for their map.  This update also allows scripters to create Location objects via the Map class, as well as set the player location via the Player class.


Feature Suggestion Poll

March 1 Patronage Processed:  Patreon was a bit slow this month, but finally finished processing the pledges.  I have updated the intranet with everyone’s access.  If you still don’t have access but should, then please contact me using the e-mail address listed in the support section of the intranet.

(Update – there was a bug that prevented some people from accessing the portal — if you had problems earlier today, please try again now and if you still have any issues, please give me an e-mail)

New Poll:  The new poll system is up and running, with a new feature poll to go along with it. If you’re currently a Patreon or BMT subscriber, head over to the researcher intranet to cast your votes. You can vote for as many or as few features as you like.

The options are listed below (click Continue Reading if you’re on the main blog page).

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Patreon Reminder

Reminder that it usually takes a bit for Patreon to process all the transactions, so they haven’t been updated on the intranet yet. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Patreon and will update it as soon as the charges are complete.

If you’re a new backer, don’t forget to link your intranet account to your Patreon account in the intranet to avoid future delays afterward.