Male to Female (MtF) Furry/Monstergirl Text Adventure for Adults

Welcome to The Underworld

In The Underworld, you play a human male living on the surface in a world very much like our own.  Soon, you’re thrust into a world of changes as your character becomes transformed into a variety of feminine anthro/furry/monstergirl forms.

You’ll meet a wide cast of characters across the three factions that each have their own ideology about how to deal with people different from themselves. Your actions will determine which faction achieves victory, and by extension, the fate of humans and hybrids alike.  This rich story spans over 65,000+ words so far, and continues to develop.  If that’s not enough, the game also includes a wide range of modding features to add your own enemies, items, clothing, and even custom transformations.

This game deals with mature subject matter, and as such, is only for adults!

Play Now!

Try the Demo today — it includes around an hour of game content which you can play as much as you like.  If you enjoy it, you can back our Patreon later on.