r45 – Transformation Mods

Custom species are back! Mods can once again add completely new transformations to the game. Become a busty quad wolf, anthro giraffe, a pig, or a crotchhugger.  Or, if you’ve got some lua skills, you can make your own custom transformation.

Like all mods, custom transformations can be loaded via the Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms.  After loading your selected transformation(s), also load method(s) to trigger them — such as a cursed collar or enemy.  You can then experience the transformation in the debug rooms, or all the loaded content is also included in the mod procedural dungeon for a more natural/varied experience.  After loading your desired mods, you can head over to the procedural dungeon (use teleporter in debug rooms, or head to SkyCorp HQ) and either lose combat with one of the transforming monsters, or find one of the cursed collars to wear.  Then, enjoy your custom transformation~

Other changes/fixes:

  • Exposed additional functions that custom species/transformations can call to TG the player.
    • This makes it easy for your mod to support herm outcomes in addition to the usual female outcomes if the player is wearing an item that forces a cock, such as the cursed cock ring.
    • Wolf + Giraffe TF’s have been updated to use these, so you can check those for a code example, or if you’d just like to become a herm variant of those now.
  • Mod debugging output now only shows when debug output is turned on, meaning doing an entity.generate() call such as in Chickenpie32’s CrotchHugger mod won’t cause random debug text to appear mid-game.
  • Fixed rare bug where game wouldn’t start and would hang indefinitely on the queue page.
  • Small typo fix in Altar scene.

2 thoughts on “r45 – Transformation Mods

    • I don’t think crotchhugger laid eggs even before the engine change, right? As far as I know, pregnancy systems were never added to LUA code (yet). However, this is a great feature suggestion for future if anyone is interested in making egg content in future!

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