Chapter 7: Aquatic Aquarium Released!

Infiltrate the Mulberry Aquarium and become one of the exhibits!

r37 is now released and contains the full release of Chapter 7.

In order to beat this chapter, you’ll need to use each of the advantages and get around the disadvantages of three different species:

  • Mermaids are beautiful, however, their active libido gains lust twice as quickly as a human would.  They’re great swimmers, but their heavy tail with its girly pink-purple scales makes moving around on land basically impossible for them.
  • The anthro sharks are strong, and given they have both legs and a tail, are highly versatile on land and on water.  Mermaids adore them, and always act subservient toward them (and if you become a mermaid, you will too).  But those powerful tails won’t easily be hidden inside pants.
  • Anthro whales are tremendously heavy — the largest transformed species by weight yet discovered.  Though their tails and fins could potentially be hidden, their fat bodies are simply too heavy with whale blubber to allow them to fit into any practical clothes.  As if getting out of the aquarium’s main exhibit tank wasn’t difficult enough, the new whale’s body will continue to put on more weight, making it difficult or impossible to even climb out.  If she somehow does manage to get onto land, she might find herself soon becoming a beached whale as her thighs thicken and walking eventually becomes impossible — not even able to properly ask for help since she can only make low whale calls.

Regardless of which species a subject ends up as, they’ll find it challenging to escape the aquarium.  Baosheng has taken over this facility and is rapidly helping visitors turn into exhibits — and they’re not keen on any going home.  Will you be able to complete your mission, or will you end up as a permanent addition to the wildlife?  Certainly visitors will enjoy getting to watch your exploits in the tank, as its an area rife with sexual activity.  The visitors also love to tease you in a hands on area the aquarium management like to call the petting zoo.  Perhaps they’ll even buy a pin-up of you, if you give the staff photographer a good opportunity to capture the right (incredibly slutty) moment.

The aquarium hosts a variety of new enemies to fight:

  • The Octomaid keeps a vigilant eye on the proceedings in her lair — get too close and she’ll lovingly dominate you.  She knows exactly where to stick all those leaky tentacles.
  • Shark dickgirls love to find new partners, although she cares a lot more about her own satisfaction than anyone else’s.  She can often be found shoving an eager mermaid against the tank’s glass and fucking her in front of an enraptured crowd of visiting tourists.
  • The male whale is lonely as the only whale in the aquarium, but he’s optimistic he’ll be able to make a new mate.  Once he’s got one, he’ll work hard to keep her docile by making her even more fat than he is.
  • A swarm of mermaids in the aquarium’s main tank is quite welcoming to newcomers, with mermaid orgies being a regular occurrence.  Get too close to one of the open pools and it’s likely they’ll abscond you into their horny ranks.

In terms of word length, Chapter 7 now has the most content in the game of any chapter thus far, with over 35,000 new words across the ch7 intro, the octomaid enemy, and this r37 update (itself about ~25k words).

Aside from this, r37 includes a number of other changes, as well:

  • Weight can now go much higher than before.  Currently only intended for the Whale species, very fat researchers will eventually no longer be able to wear clothing, then will have difficulty walking, and eventually won’t be able to move at all on land.
  • Several new faction points to discover and unlock.
  • Added ability for certain enemies to move (currently only used on one enemy).
  • New text variables: Species & Hair.
  • VCiV now has a barracks (including a treadmill).
  • Fixed situation where you could attack enemies in other rooms.
  • In-game subscribe link now links to this website instead of Patreon directly.
  • Fix for shark and whale fin TFs not occurring.

Active subscribers can access the build right now via the researcher intranet.  Legacy users will receive access to this build two weeks from now, or can elect to temporarily subscribe without losing their legacy status (reminder that purchases via BMT are activated instantly, whereas Patreon would not activate until it is billed next month).  As with all chapter content after chapter 3, this content will never be released in the free demo.

If you’ve been following along in #research-lab in discord, you know this chapter has been a big development undertaking with many components — thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this latest chapter of the story!

10 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Aquatic Aquarium Released!

  1. I noticed that the researchers character description doesn’t have an added description describing their male genitalia if they keep their male parts. Yet all the monsters have a species separation. I.e. draconic cock, spider cock, canine cock. Maybe adding an added transformation part to show you fully becoming the species in the male gentalia department.

  2. I seem to be having difficulty getting different transformations in this. I get transformed into a mermaid initially. Managed to get out and go human, but can’t figure out how to get farther from here. Any time trying to reenter is forced mermaid.

    • Grab the remote. As a mermaid lure tourist into the pool. Wait for mermaid swarm to come, leave, activate the bubble gate. Now the mermaids are trapped in that little area. So when you turn back to human and go swimming again you can swim to the shark(?) And get tfed or to the whale like I did and get stuck cause you wanted to know what was in the section up north but now your a whale that cant loose blubber faster than it generates. However your a whale so you can plow through the octomaid amd beat the chapter.

    • The way I got through it was was i left a that cat tea right after the greeter. Then when you get the shark pheromones you got to whale exhibit thing and keep doing and resting then pop out go to the staff room and there’s a shop that sells clothes buy those then go on step beyond the greeter and pick it up the cat tea and drink it immediately. As for the shark tf drop the pheromones on the ground in front of a shark and keep choosing seduce. Then they’ll tf you to shark

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