In-Game Mod Browser / Mod Portal

You can now easily browse and install mods — all from right from inside the game!

With the new r34 build, active subscribers can use the Control Panel inside the Debug Rooms and select browse to get an interface like this:

Then simply select mods you are interested in and install them.

The interface works on both the regular SWF version, as well as the mobile version — making it infinitely easier to play mods on Android phones (no more copy/paste!).

There is also a mod web portal to browse, edit, and submit new mods outside of the game.

3 thoughts on “In-Game Mod Browser / Mod Portal

  1. Cool that there’s a browser at all, a shame it’s for subscribers only and not the original supporters, but I won’t argue the choice. What genuinely sucks is we can’t even copy them off the mod web portal. Is this the first hint at us being left out in the cold?

    • I, too, was disappointed by this revelation. alas, if it is to remain so, there’s not much to be done about it.

      • Every other comment on FA is “man, I’d buy this if it wasn’t monthly!”

        I’m sure he’ll get the hint eventually. Until then, monthly /looks/ like it’d have more income. Tempting stuff!

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