r26 Released – Map Mods / Spider Dungeon

r26 is now released to private backers via the researcher intranet.  Its main feature is Map Mods, allowing you to create your own maps to explore in the game.

Two maps are provided to demonstrate this:

  • Sample Simple Map is a basic map demonstrating placing rooms, entities, and linking everything together.
  • Spider Dungeon is a more advanced map focusing on the custom Male Spider enemy:
    • Can you steal the treasure from the spider nest and escape?  Or will the spiders get the best of you and transform you into their mate, forever filling you with brood after brood of spider eggs…

Mod mapping also supports lua script, allowing scripters to define custom player respawn logic for their map.  This update also allows scripters to create Location objects via the Map class, as well as set the player location via the Player class.


6 thoughts on “r26 Released – Map Mods / Spider Dungeon

    • Hmm, I also can’t seem to paste using the default android keyboard. This used to work, so I’m not sure what happened. As a temporary workaround, you could use a custom android keyboard that has a paste or ctrl+v shortcut. Will investigate and see if I can find a proper fix, though.

    • After looking at this for a number of hours today, it looks like fixing this is going to be considerably harder than I thought, unfortunately. In the long term, I have plans to make it so mods don’t need to be copied/pasted at all in future, and also moving off Flash will likely help. Either or both of these should fix the issue on Android once they happen.

      In the meanwhile, you can try installing a custom keyboard with paste support — the default android one used to support paste into Underworld, but it looks like they updated it at some point which caused a side effect of paste no longer working for us.

        • I just tried a couple custom keyboards, but wasn’t able to get it to work that way, either. Looks like this will have to wait until one of the longer term plans mentioned above get done, sorry 🙁

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