r23 – Mod support for Entities and Clothes

r23 is now released to all private backers and includes the ability to mod in your own items and clothes into the game!  These can be simple text-only mods, or can be driven through LUA code.  The new build can be downloaded via the Researcher Intranet.

There’s a number of new sample mods available, including the cursed weight gain pendant which will cause you to gain weight continuously.  Try them out, and then make your own.  If you get stuck, ask questions on discord.

Note that while the mod system supports well over a hundred game functions currently, there’s still a lot of stuff it doesn’t support yet.  Notably, species TF support isn’t in yet, but is planned.  If you run into a wall due to functions not being exposed to LUA, please leave feedback on what you would like to build with the mod API but can’t due to current limitations. This helps inform future revisions of the mod API.

2 thoughts on “r23 – Mod support for Entities and Clothes

  1. Just saying, when I play in the browser, I can’t load any save from underworld-r22.01-private.swf to underworld-r23-private.swf.
    Well, it kinda does, the description on the left is loaded, but nothing else works and I have to cancel it and return to the title screen.

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