TF Mods Wins the Poll

With nearly double the number of votes of any option, player created transformation mod support has won the backer feature poll.

This is going to be a large feature to implement, and I plan to develop it in two phases:

Phase 1 (WIP) – the initial release will be a proof of concept build that contains the core ability for the game to read transformation mod files and create transformations based on them.  I will also release one or two sample transformation mod files.  As this will not contain any instructions or easy modding tool, this initial release will only be for adventurous WIP backers.  However, if you’re crafty, you can try looking at the plain text JSON file format and reverse engineer how it works and maybe make your own mods based on that.  Be warned there may be some changes to the mod file format before Phase 2 is released.

Phase 2 (Full Game) – I will create a system similar to SCLab for defining transformations so you don’t have to write code.  There may also be some updates to the file format to add support for additional transformation types, etc.  Once the tools and file format are complete, I’ll make the full transformation mod system available to all full game purchasers.  (Similar to the monster mod system, it will not ever be available to the demo version).

I expect this feature request to take a while, so look for a WIP build with Phase 1 sometime next month.

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