Hotfix Release r22.01

Thanks for the bug reports for r22.  A bug fix update to public & private builds are now available to address the following issues:

  • Fixed issue that prevented loading the game after having any food items in inventory/world
  • Swick description of ‘could not load text’ fixed when encountering Swick in public builds
  • Proper room description added for Sewer Shrine (now Sewer Treasure Stand)
  • Added existing dragon related TF items to a new debug derg room (including dragon gem)
  • Neuvobreast now drops for sluggirls instead of foxgirls
  • When player is in sluggirl form, can no longer reset lust below 50 through masturbation scene per the existing text description
  • Becky no longer turns the lights off twice in the intro
  • Fixed issue where sluggirls referred to your ‘missing’ when player is female

9 thoughts on “Hotfix Release r22.01

  1. Not sure if it’s still a thing but the Dinoians are named something different at the beginning of chapter 5 when they’re telling you about them last I checked.

  2. I still don’t know hot to get past the desert part. T_T just trying to get revenge on the former dinonian or humiliated the main character.

  3. Okay good work so far, but I may have found a bug. I get transformed into a dinonan and ridden. Then I get **you have no choice but to lay eggs here!** Fine, I’d do that but I have no way of doing that! All I have for buttons is inventory and wait. How the heck am I suppose to lay eggs if I don’t have a way of doing that?

    • That does sound like a bug — can you make a save file when you’re in this state and let me know which slot you saved it to?

      • Can do. Saved in slot 4. Funny thing though. I reloaded the game after saving when the bug occurred and I had the masturbate button available. One other thing if I hadn’t saved at the exact point that the bug occurred save and settings would have been unavailable. So I guess this bug might be harder to squash than usual. The problem does reoccur however so you should still get a chance to encounter it.

        • It turns out that it was a bug, but not one of yours. I was using the stand alone Adobe Flash Player 11,2,202,644 for Linux because of issues with the flash plugin for Firefox, which now seem to be resolved. Thanks for your attention, and sorry that it was a wild Dinoan chase that I sent you on

          • Interesting, I’m surprised that fixed it but glad it did. If it crops up again, let me know if you have specific steps that seem to trigger it

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