Patreon is Live

The Patreon page is now live, and you can link your Patreon and SkyCorp Global accounts via the Researcher Intranet.

Patreon supports PayPal transactions, so if you only had a PayPal account, you can now buy the game.  It’s the same price as via the existing BMT method, and functions the same:  purchasing once will unlock private builds forever.  Other than payment methods, the main difference between the two options is that since Patreon doesn’t actually bill until the 1st of the month, it’s not an instant unlock.  Granting private build access for Patreon users is currently a manual process, but I’ll endeavor to do this within the first week of purchases being successfully charged.

There’s also some more traditional monthly Patreon rewards to thank users who want to support the game on an ongoing basis.  Since the preview page, I added some suggestions as rewards and the unstable build reward option got changed to a WIP build option.  (I didn’t really feel comfortable with a fully automated build pipeline yet).  I’m hopeful the WIP builds give me some additional forward momentum to have some new content out each month — although most users will prefer to wait for the full chapter releases in the private builds, as it’s more fun to experience a full chapter at a time instead of in pieces.

I’m expecting May’s WIP build to be the Dinoian TF items.  I also need to set aside some time to get Android builds building again, as it looks like they account for about 25% of r20 downloads from the intranet — a much higher percentage than I ever thought.

On a personal sidenote, I recently attended a furry con for the first time.  I had a great time, and even got to meet some others in the TF community.  So inspiring to see others share passion for the genre!

5 thoughts on “Patreon is Live

  1. I simply must know, where is this furry con that you went to? I’d love to go next next year if it’s close enough.

    • Well, hopefully it won’t be a year until I go to another con, but none of the other cons near me seem to have TF meetups :'(

      I’ll keep an eye on the schedules and let you know whenever it ends up being.

  2. Hey I’m having trouble linking my global account to my patron one. It keeps telling me to try again later.

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