r43.1 – Customize Character Screen

r43.1 is now released and includes the ability to quickly customize your character when using chapter skip.

In particular this is useful for setting your name, as there previously was no way to set a name when using chapter skip.

Additionally, the following bugs are fixed:

  • The default name is once again randomly assigned from a small pool of default names.
  • Chapter skip for The Pound was teleporting directly to inside the club, should now teleport to outside VCiV so you get the mission briefing.
  • Cursed bras now correctly increase breast size (112).
  • The procedural dungeon for mods no longer errors when you try to enter it (111).
  • For mobile players, buttons no longer push upwards in landscape mode (110).
    • [This UI layout fix should apply to all versions, including demo.]

Update for WIP Backers:  For anyone following the autobuilds, a lot of progress is being made on reimplementing LUA support.  The most advanced mods like Wyvern Male aren’t working yet, but some of the simple LUA ones like Spider Dungeon, Transformitator, Vending Machine, Weight Pendant, etc. seem to be working.

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